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natasha. 22. personal trainer. cosplayer. yogi.

CLICK HERE FOR MY FULL GUIDE TO HEALTHY LIVING Want to participate in #teamnocheats for the month of October? click here and track the tag #teamnocheats! My name is Natasha and I'm a certified personal trainer. In 2011, I decided to change my life. At 5'1", I went from around 200 lbs to about 120 lbs in a year and a half (give or take). Since then, I have lost even more fat, gained muscle, and maintained my healthy lifestyle. I have found a passion for fitness, nutrition, exercise and yoga and made it my career. I had a breast lift, reconstruction and augmentation in February 2014 to remove the excess skin on my breasts. Some of my other interests include Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Star Wars, Supernatural, comic books, horror flims, sci-fi movies, Smallville, LOST, cosplaying, tattoos, my dog Fozzi-bear and my boyfriend Mitch! Please check out my FAQ, all of my pages and Google before asking any questions! I offer meal and workout plans online, and for business/personal training inquiries, please email me at! Check out my PT page for more info! I'm also sponsored by Stride Fitness Apparel! Check out their website here and use coupon code imgoingtomakeachange for 30% off of nerdy, awesome workout shirts!


Before/After - Swimsuit edition. The before pictures were taken after I had lost around 15 pounds already, so yeah. It is obviously not bikini season, but when next summer comes around, I will be at least 20 more pounds down and nice and toned! Also… I MISS MY BOOBIES. 

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