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Our Roommate’s Girlfriend is a Cunt Part 2.

So Mitch and I came home from grocery shopping today to find that our roommate’s girlfriend put a sticky note over our thermostat that says “DON’T TOUCH PLEASE!!!”

Let me remind you that this is the crazy bitch who constantly has every window open, every fan on, and the screen door open when it is like 30 degrees outside. 

ALSO. Mitch and I were the ones who FIXED THE DAMN HEATER when it was broken. We dealt with the landlord coming here like 90 times to try and fix it, and the repairman, etc. She, nor our roommate, did anything about it. This apartment would not have a working heater if it wasn’t for us. 

But I guess now we can’t touch the thermostat and it is on like… 60 degrees or some shit. I’D LIKE TO BE WARM WHILE I SLEEP THANKS. 


I am literally going to murder her. I don’t think you all understand. You are going to see me on the news being arrested because I am going to kill her. 

  1. nychanpanda said: Tell her to fuck off.. you guys are at least paying for shit, so you’ve got a right to mess with the thermostat.. nail the windows shut too, then they’ll have to pay for that later on.. bahaha.
  2. homoilluminati said: But look at that bod you worked for! So the bright side? You’ll look smokin on the news <3 Muah!
  3. queencase said: Ummm fuck that bitch. She’s not paying renting yet. YOU ARE. Touch whatever the fuck you want.
  4. cocaine-hookerr said: Uh…you need to tell she has no authority there. She is not the roommate…therefore not her territory.
  5. jaba-the-slut said: If you’re paying for that shit, crumple up that sticky note and throw it in the trash.
  6. raptors-have-feelings-too said: Ah so you’ve gotten into the passive aggressive note phase in the bitchy roommate life cycle. You could try talking to her (again if you already have), ie: suggest if she likes it so cold then maybe she should just use fans if she feels warm.
  7. atomicfrieden said: i know exactly how you feel. me and jeff had this bitch of a roommate too. god damned roommates… dude, totally know your feel.
  8. thelastbookicorn said: Just tell her that since she doesn’t pay rent, she has no place to say how anything in said apartment should be run.
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