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This is super TMI buttt…

I’ve been having a serious problem with gas lately x__X I think it is because of Thanksgiving, I ate SO MUCH and I ate a lot of French’s Fried Onions and yeah. 

It is making me bloat like crazy and feel all this air and blech in my stomach. 

Anybody know of some ways to remedy this?

  1. citygirlwithatwist said: I love how gas is super TMI but all your sex stuff isn’t hahahaha
  2. actualitee said: Me too!!! Awful!!!
  3. zapcannon said: I highly suggest some hot mint tea :3! I also suffer from that same problem from time to time and it’s very uncomfortable. Usually one cup of hot mint tea really helps reduce gas and provide relief (and it makes your mouth feel fresh too!)
  4. weight-a-second said: Tea. Tea. Tea. Always works for me. Once you go number two, it should pass with more tea.
  5. kaaallie said: Water with a little baking soda. It tastes scary but it works so well!
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