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Mitch and I have moved onto watching Supernatural!

We finished Lost and we have Netflix hooked up to our BluRay player so we just watched the pilot :) I have seen it through season 4 and then I stopped watching but we are gonna watch the whole thing together! Mitch has never seen it before so yeah!

  1. homoilluminati said: Watching Supernatural is a defining moment in a relationship, and every relationship should have it! I’m excited you’re watching it omg it’s just SO. GOOD!
  2. amorekristin said: Supernatural is amazinggggg. I’m addicted.
  3. blueroses12 said: such a good show! 6th and 7th seasons are my favorite :)
  4. arielglitters said: OMG SUPERNATURAL AAAHHHHHHH :D
  5. the-renegade-angel said: oh my god! he will love it! this time you should defs try to watch past season 4, It gets really interesting, season 5 is my favourite. :)
  6. notatwat said: NO STOP DONT DO IT!!!! ALL THE FEELS!!!
  7. amandaonedayatatime said: My boyfriend and I just started it on netflix. Neither of us has watched it before but we are in season 2 and love it so far!
  8. queenbliss said: ALL THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Dean. Hands down.
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