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Hello, my name is Natasha! I'm a certified personal trainer and I also work at a yoga studio. Since 2011, I have lost over 70 pounds, kept it off, and changed my entire lifestyle. This blog kept me on track and helped me reach my goals. Make that change!
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I am a certified personal trainer, also working on my fitness nutrition and group fitness certification. I offer in person and online training! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! Email me at makethatchangefitness@! I also work at a yoga studio! check it out!
I basically had to interview a potential nanny.

The parents were late to their own interview. So I had to let her in and be like… Soooo… You are my potential replacement… Yeah..

  1. findingarielle said: ha. i had to train my own replacement at my first job when I was 17. the girl was like “if i knew i was replacing you, i never would have taken the job.” bitch, don’ t lie! lol but i wasn’t voluntarily leaving sooo :\
  2. simpliyvonne said: the parents seem like complete douch bags , just saying , i feel bad for their children.
  3. whitelightsandredwine said: You should have given a long monologue about how everyone in the house is insane, pulled a few tears out, and whispered for her to run.
  4. running-to-150 said: Awkward….
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