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Hi everyone.
My name is Ryan, and I am trying to get my skin surgery covered by medical in Canada(B.C. specifically). I have lost 210lbs and I am getting stonewalled by the government. The skin actually causes me back problems, and limits the physical activities I can do. My doctor has said it is medically necessary but no one will listen. The picture above links to a YouTube video I have made in hopes to get attention by a government official. If it does not I am hoping it will generate enough interest so I can submit my case again and show a large view count. I am really sorry for making this a link but the only way I can get hits for this as tumblr does not count towards views on YouTube.
I never ask this of any of my followers, but if you can re-blog this it would help me tremendously and possibly others in my situation as well.

Followers! If you have a minute, you should check this video out, even if you can’t watch the whole thing, just watching a few seconds will show that you’ve viewed it, which might help. This guy has come so far, and worked so hard to lose weight, and now he’s having to deal with the excess skin. Hopefully he’ll be able to get the skin surgery covered.

ALSO! He’s not asking for money, just that you view the video and share this post.

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