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So I’m going to share some facts about fake boobs that other girls more than likely wont share. This is for those who are considering getting them or are still on the fence about it.

1. They take an entire year to heal and settle properly.

2. You have to massage them everyday (I’ve been told for life) to keep them soft and to help them settle properly

3. this may just be me but the cold makes them feel weird! Probably because when I’m cold my muscles tense over them

4. they feel colder than the rest of my body

5.  they are the greatest investment decision I have ever made.

If you have any specific questions about fake boobs please don’t be afraid to ask. I will answer any and all questions honestly. Unless you ask a perverted/smart ass type question of course.

I want a lift and an augmentation to fill out all the stupid skin I have. Wannnnt so badddd.

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