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Apartment problems.

There are only 2 washers and 2 dryers in the laundry room in our building. One of the washers doesn’t work (found that out after I put all my clothes and detergent in) and somebody has just left all of their laundry that is done washing in the other one. It has been a couple hours and they haven’t taken it out so my clothes are just sitting in the other washer.

Would it be rude if I took their shit out and put it in the dryer?

Posted 1 year ago on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 2pm
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  1. oh-the-places-kalika-willl-go said: not rude at all, you do what you gotta do I only have like 1 washer and 1 dryer for the building its understood why its essential to take crap out
  2. chloeamberbbz said: When I lived in student halls there were only 3 washers between like 1,200 people and 4 dryers. I used to chuck peoples stuff out all the time.. They paid for it to be washed, not kept in there for a few hours after as well.
  3. positivelyhealthyliz said: No it’s not rude! We do it at my apartment complex all of the time. If you are gonna wash your clothes you better be doin that shit in a timely manner
  4. healthyforlifefitforever said: Not rude at all! Fair enough if it was a couple mins but hours!! That is unacceptable. In my apt building you have to sign up to a certain slot so that crap doesn’t happen thank god but when I was in student housing if happened all the time!
  5. fortheloveofshortshorts said: You’ve waited long enough. I would just put it in the dryer or on top of one of the washers. You don’t want to accidentally dry something that’s not supposed to be dried or something.
  6. brillian said: Hell no I do it all the time. My neighbors leave stuff in washers in dryers for days. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  7. polishandshine said: It’s rude if you do it right away without giving them a chance to collect their clothes. But after two hours, they’re being rude by not clearing the washer for someone else to use! Move their clothes and do your laundry.
  8. learningtolovetherun said: Not rude but definitely don’t start the dryer or anything. Just put them in there or on top or something because you don’t want to ruin any of their clothes that can’t be dried for whatever reason
  9. some-thin-fierce said: take that shit out. its rude that they have left it as long as they have
  10. thatbreezybitch said: no that’s the way laundry rooms work. Move your shit, or it gets moved. You’ll see anytime you leave your stuff.
  11. servingidiotsdaily said: No! I had to do that all the time in my apartment, they only had 2 of each too.
  12. infinite-mountains said: Not rude to take it out and set in a neat pile. Don’t put there things in the dryer because you might end up ruining something of theirs that can’t go in.
  13. dreamsndthings said: more like doing them a favor!
  14. kellythejellyfish said: As rude and frustrating it is for people to occupy a shared appliance long after they are done, it is equally rude, in my opinion to take their stuff out. I say this because I know I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. That is just me though. Lol
  15. slice-of-para-para-paradise said: Living in dorms, when that happens sometimes I’ll pile the laundry on top of the washer (if its dirty, i put plastic bags down first). You could just move them into the other washer, and leave a note. Some people don’t put their clothes in the dryer for one reason or…
  16. queenbliss said: Not rude at all. That would be the next place it would go, right? Just leave a note.
  17. 6monthsone20 said: No, I have the same deal in my apartment and people do that all the time. I often go downstairs to find my stuff sitting in a pile on top of the dryer :P
  18. wishes-toreality said: not at all, that’s general laundry room rules.
  19. liketheraine said: Yeah! I do that at my apartment and other ppl do it to me when I forget I was washing clothes !
  20. benevol-ence said: Nope xD
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