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Lady Gaga canceled her entire tour.

I quit.

  1. mini-kitty-astronaut said: Oh no did you at least get a refund?? :(
  2. love--lindsay said: when I heard that on the radio today going to work, I thought of you and was like “oh man she’s going to be so bummed out” hugs
  3. jonihastoloseweight said: I know how you feel I am so upset.
  4. running-to-150 said: *hugs* I’m so sorry to hear that, honey. :(
  5. fortheloveofshortshorts said: nooo :(
  6. roadtofitnessxiv said: Oh snap.
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  8. torachanispiequeen said: What?!!! When did she say that?
  9. bright-happy-healthy said: oh no! :(
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