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22 years old. Chicagoland. Cosplayer. Personal trainer. Currently recovering from a breast lift/augmentation.
Hello, my name is Natasha! I'm a certified personal trainer and I also work at a yoga studio. Since 2011, I have lost over 70 pounds, kept it off, and changed my entire lifestyle. This blog kept me on track and helped me reach my goals. Make that change!
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I am a certified personal trainer, also working on my fitness nutrition and group fitness certification. I offer in person and online training! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! Email me at makethatchangefitness@! I also work at a yoga studio! check it out!

So my Jade outfit arrived today. I am ordering an invisible bra, my wig will be here tomorrow and my contacts arrived today so more pictures will be posted tomorrow. I love it. My ass is glorious.

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