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natasha. 22. personal trainer. cosplayer. yogi.

My name is Natasha and I'm a certified personal trainer. In 2011, I decided to change my life. At 5'1", I went from around 200 lbs to about 120 lbs in a year and a half (give or take). Since then, I have lost even more fat, gained muscle, and maintained my healthy lifestyle. I have found a passion for fitness, nutrition, exercise and yoga and made it my career. I had a breast lift, reconstruction and augmentation in February 2014 to remove the excess skin on my breasts. Some of my other interests include Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Star Wars, Supernatural, comic books, horror flims, sci-fi movies, Smallville, LOST, cosplaying, tattoos, my dog Fozzi-bear and my boyfriend Mitch! Please check out my FAQ, all of my pages and Google before asking any questions! I offer meal and workout plans online, and for business/personal training inquiries, please email me at! Check out my PT page for more info!


Step one if the #phoenix boob armor for #chicagocomiccon! Got a lot of work to do still. #itsonlyjustbegun #cosplay

Making a boob mold for armor.

Working on my outfit for Chicago Comic Con. Love dem boobies.

getting my mom ready for Chicago Comic Con! 57 years old and rocking it! She’s my #wonderwoman! #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitmom #cosplay

New Phoenix wig came in the mail! This is my dream hair. I wish red wasn’t so hard to keep up.

got my bodysuits in the mail for white phoenix and marvel avenger’s alliance phoenix five phoenix (wow that was a mouthful)! the white phoenix one is done, all i need is the wig now but i’m making the avenger’s alliance one myself so i still have a long way to go… gotta make dat armor which is probably going to take 5ever and lots of trial and error. but i’m excited!

The cosplays I have done so far, from my first to most recent. 

Darth Talon - ABQ Sci-Fi Expo 2011. 
Black Cat - Chicago Comic Con 2012. 
Black Widow - Avenger’s Midnight premiere 2012. 
Dark Phoenix - ABQ Comic Con 2012 and C2E2 2013. 
Jade from Mortal Kombat - Chicago Comic Con 2013. 
She-Predator Machiko - Chicago Comic Con 2013. 

I made Darth Talon, Black Cat, Black Widow, parts of Dark Phoenix and She-Predator Machiko. Jade is the only one that I bought as well as the Dark Phoenix bodysuit. 

So yeah!

This Burlesque-style Twi’lek cosplay is blowing my mind. Source. 

My two favorite pictures from c2e2 2013.

Just found this on my phone. My mom and I as Jade and Mileena from Mortal Kombat at Chicago Comic Con.

I have officially decided on my first cosplay for 2014 - the alternate costume for Harley Quinn from Injustice! To be debuted at C2E2. I would like to do 2 other outfits for C2E2 as well. What else would you like to see me cosplay as in 2014? What conventions would you like me to go to?

behold, my senior year of high school compared to now (i’m 21). infinitely laughing at everyone who bullied me. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

My mom and I as Jade and Mileena from Mortal Kombat at Chicago Comic Con!

my body looks fucking perfect here why can’t it be like this all the time ugh

Jade from Mortal Kombat at Chicago Comic Con 2013.