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New Phoenix wig came in the mail! This is my dream hair. I wish red wasn’t so hard to keep up.

Bringing back Dark Phoenix for Halloween this year. Tbh I don’t really need the wig because my hair is this color BUT I LIKE HAVING A LOT OF HAIR OKAY why can’t i look like this every day

Finally get to wear my heelless shoes out somewhere. I figure it’s appropriate since I will HOPEFULLY be buying Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume today. I enjoy getting dressed up and making myself look attractive lulz. Mitch and I are going to the mall and then we’re gonna see Total Recall!

hello world

gonna go to a street fest tonight, just waiting for mitch to get homez!

oh and one more thing before i go

i re-dyed my hair. it is darker red and lots better. however, i know it will fade in like a week SO i’ll probably end up going back to purple but for now, it’s purty :3

hair of redz. it didn’t take out the black in my hair, but I think it looks pretty decent!